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In the age of fast food, you are invited to sit down to a slow cooked meal that is not only prepared according to traditional techniques but also includes various recipes that stretch back to the time of the famed Mughal Empress, Noor Jahan.

All our ingredients are freshly sourced from local farms for each event. Guests have to pre-book their meals at least 36 to 48 hours in advance.

This curated meal will be an unparalleled experience as this kind of cuisine is simply not replicable in restaurants. 

Ab-o-Namak Munasib Hai


Many of these have their origins in the prescriptions of traditional practitioners of Yunani Medicine called Hakims. Indeed, the recipes of the food were also carefully scrutinized and often modified or changed by Hakims who not only treated medical ailments but also acted as dieticians and thus were integral parts of the kitchens administration. At small family lunches and dinners, often the hakim would be present and decide what various members of the family could or could not eat.

Cultural Programs

Although the focus of the evenings will be the food, aspects of Mahmudabad’s rich cultural legacy will also be showcased.  If guests wish to listen to a traditional music performance or see some of our classical dance forms, these will be organised as part of the evening’s entertainment.


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