In 1857, Muqimuddaulah Raja Nawab Ali Khan of Mahmudabad supported Begum Hazrat Mahal in the rebellion against the British. He was fatally wounded and martyred on the battlefield. The Kothi was completely destroyed in the uprising and the Qila, as it stands today was reconstructed immediately thereafter, on the original foundations. The Qila is also the center of various traditions and rituals throughout the year. The Muharram commemorations of Mahmudabad, in particular, are famous all over the world. The Kothi of the Qila is divided into the ladies' apartments or the 'mahalsara' and the men's apartments or 'mardana', where Muqim Manzil and Tedhi Kothi are located. There is a family mosque in the Qila as well as a number of Imambadas. 


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The Qila, Mahmudabad, Dist. Sitapur, U.P., India.

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